35 Website Headline Copywriting Templates Collection

Ready to write a better headline on your website, sales page, or about page?

4 out of 5 readers will read your headline, according to famed advertiser David Ogilvy (maybe the most overused stat in online marketing, but whatever, ha. It’s true, and someone out there needed to hear it!). No matter HOW studly the rest of your website's photos and copy, if your headline didn’t hook me, I’ve bounced.

SO, Here are 35 plug-and-play templates for you to write your own website's copy.

Get tried-and-true sales copywriting headline formulas to put to work on your homepage, about page, work with me page, landing page, or sales page (and yes, these will help you flesh out your subheadlines, too!). This is my go-to list that I've turned to for 1-on-1 clients—and a few of these templates were used on a digital course sales page that garnered $400K in sales. It's all yours, friend!

What you get:

  • Instant access to the 21-page digital download
  • 35 ready-to-go headline copywriting templates based on old-school direct sales copywriting principles
  • 1 to 2 examples for CREATIVE businesses for each and every template—many of these are from client projects and alum of our programs
  • An additional list of 33 emotions to consider as an angle when you draft your headlines (I vote you take your favorite template, pick 3 of your favorite emotions, and take a stab at drafting with each emotional trigger in mind)
  • 28 power-charged words to lace into your headline (or subheadlines)
  • Space for you to journal in the ideas of headlines that you can use on your own business's website, sales page, and landing pages

This template is part of our signature Copywriting for Creatives Collection. It is included in the Copywriting for Creatives curriculum.

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