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The Copy Bank Kit


Why start from scratch when you write, when you can be more than halfway there before you even start?

Copy banks (or swipe files—whatever you want to call them!) are my secret potion to cranking out copy that converts with a system.

You have a moodboard for your brand's imagery and for your client work, but so many of us don't have any sort of "moodboard" for the words we're using to describe and sell in our creative small businesses.

As a result, we stare at that great white blank page for far too long.

This template gets your marketing words organized in Trello or Evernote, so they're at your fingertips when it's time to write.

My copy banking system helps me not only stay true to my brand voice when I'm writing my website, blogs, and captions ... but fuels my creativity for client copywriting projects with an endless vault of wordsmith ideas.

See ya, blinking cursor.

What You Get:

  • Instant access to the beautiful 3-page PDF which houses all of your Copy Bank Kit links
  • A 7-minute video walkthrough explaining how to use your new Copy Bank—down to how (and why) to use your ideal client avatar's words in your copy
  • A sample Trello Copy Bank board, so you can install a ready-to-roll board in my favorite free project management app
  • A sample Evernote Copy Bank Notebook, in case you're more of a GoogleDoc/Evernote type business owner—just drop us a line and we'll share it asap!
  • Starter copy swipes, so that lightbulb moment happens a little bit faster ... and you can start filling your board with words to pound out your next marketing copy snippet in record time.