The Blueprint Model + Market Sustainably Track Bundle

Welcome, BPM future alum! :) In this download, you'll be able to grab the three items reserved just for you.

Public Relations Prep School

Grab my top 5 pitching and media-related templates, and settle in for a jam session with my friend Lisa Kirk, former editor at Southern Weddings magazine turned content marketing ghostwriter.


  • What journalists, reporters, and editors are REALLY looking for when it comes to content, and how you can help them out
  • Timeline wisdom for how far out to pitch
  • Tips for what to include in a pitch—down to my secret-sauce idea I used to easily and quickly lure writers with glossy brand images
  • My very own media and PR tracker, so you can swipe my Google Sheet system for keeping track of who I've emailed and who all my media contacts are
  • A 52-minute jam session with two writers who work with creative small business owners to get them noticed in the noisy media landscape

And more!

Welcome Magazine Kit

When you treasure your clients and feel really proud of the hours you pour into them, it’s important to make them feel acknowledged and get them excited, introduce your workflow, and politely set boundaries—all while giving them a branded experience.


  • Instant lifetime access to the workshop's curriculum
  • A 20-minute video training walking you through the behind-the-scenes of the psychology of welcome packet copy—as well as my own magazine
  • A beautiful, 12-page download workbook with room to brainstorm all of your ideas for each step-by-step section
  • What NOT to include, plus 13 tried-and-true resources I'd recommend you use when creating your own magazine.
  • Copy snippet examples for the important pages, so you can grab done-for-you words to load in


The Welcome Sequence Prep School & Templates

The 5-pack email sequence I've gotten up to 75% open rates with.

As you may have discovered templates are a go-to for DIYing your own copy for your business. I make templates out of anything I write more than once, and even lean on them to start projects, campaigns, and entire email sequences. I wrote client-facing email marketing for brands like Delta Air Lines as a marketing professional, and now? It's my joy to write for top-tier creatives with the same copy hacks.


  • Instant access to the 18-page digital download
  • A recording of my Ultimate ConvertKit Masterclass Walk-Thru, showing you the quick-and-dirty tips you need to do in ConvertKit to get up and running right away—plus, a discount on the software.
  • 5 persuasion-trigger filled email templates to personalize and enhance your reader onboarding experience, including
    • The Hold Up Wait A Minute Starter Email ... so right away, you can confirm that your readers are gonna be picking up what you're putting down
    • The Self-Segmenter Email so you can get them tagged and organized according to whatever they may fancy that you'll be offering
    • An If I Were You Template—the secret email I use to a sliver of the list, confirming that I won't send them anything they don't want in the future
    • The Surveyor Template—so we can start priming your email readers to have a conversation with y-o-u!
    • What to send when it's time to tell them What to Expect
  • Plus, The 3 Final Tips & Tricks I'm most often asked by clients that pay 4-figures for me to write for them, so you can DIY your way to welcome sequence wisdom