Stationer & Calligrapher Little Black Source Book

Printers and nibs and paper types, oh my!

I get it: you're on your journey to becoming a stationery boss, but a quick search in any paper-people Facebook group when you're on the hunt for a vendor renders ALL the suggestions, all the opinions, and all the things.

You just want to know the best go-to printer for a quick-run letterpress order ... and get a list of pens to put on your Amazon wish list to boot.

Nix the search. Swipe my little black book of stationery sources.

From where I get vintage stamps to the top 5 inks I've used to serve dozens of brides since 2011, I'm handing over my private list of tools and resources. 

I've even ever-so-slightly avoided the "where do you get your bridal suites printed for a really good cost" question for years ... 'til now, that is!

So, after working as a professional calligrapher since 2011, adding stationery design (aaaand a team) in 2016, 2 Modern Calligraphy Summits, 1 Modern Calligraphy Bootcamp Course, multiple Design House Prep School courses, and even serving Laura Hooper Calligraphy as a client, I polished my source lists and checked them twice.

Grab the ultimate calligrapher & stationery resource list for your business! 

What You Get:

  • Instant access to the gorgeous, interactive 17-page digital download
  • Ready-to-use printers and paper sources, so you can run orders that impress with the vendors I've trusted for dozens of clients
  • 11 pens & writing utensils I *actually* use for client work (and a bit of fun lettering)
  • My go-to cushion-y pen holder ... and sure, there are pretty ones out there, but this guy is my workhorse for hours of envelopes
  • The top 2 nibs I use, plus the only 5 inks you really need to have on hand or know how to mix, so you can save yourself the stress of hunting down the perfect inks for your clients
  • Access to suite add-ons and detail vendors, so you can customize your stationery suites like a boss
  • 13 business tools to prep you for a pretty—but more importantly, profitable—stationery business
  • And MORE!

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