Services & Sales Page Primer + Template Set

Work with me, pricing, sales, or "investment page"—I don't care what you call it, I care that it WORKS. 

 And if you're ready to check your services or sales page off that to-do list for your upcoming launch ...

... buckle up and get ready to do it without shelling out thousands of dollars on a copywriter.

I've written sales pages that have generated $400k and $500k+ in a single launch—and if there's one mistake I see constantly, it's busy, out-of-order DIY'd sales pages that don't clearly anchor the price or execute a clear offer. 

Get a step-by-step template (my most requested template EVER) so you can hit publish on your sales page in a couple of hours.

Whether you're launching a regular ol' set of stud services or a BRAND new product, you’ll structure your high-converting page with exactly what needs to be included (and in what order)—down to every last word and headline, so you can help people understand your VALUE & pay you what you’re worth.

Helping you get over that blinking cursor is my specialty—and I know how to sell like gangbusters. Let's do this!


  • printable AND digital Sales Page Sketchbook, so you can gather everything you need about your offer and follow of few steps of my signature Client Voice Hacking process to get in the ~mood~ to have your dreamboat customers drooling. I'll show you the quick-and-dirty tips you need to do to get this page's copy up and running right away
  • Instant access to the Sales Page Primer Party Starter Copy Generator, a tool to automatically drum up HUNDREDS of combos of sales copy prompts
  • The plug-and-play 27-page Sweet 16 Sales Page™ and Services Page Template in both Google Doc and printable formats to walk you in-depth through writing EVERY one of the 16 sections your page must include
  • Plus, the BONUS 15-Min. Sales Page Assessment—once your page is installed, make sure you pass the test
  • BONUS Conversion Design Teardown Training + Idea Bank
  • BONUS Launch Metrics & Goals Tracker Pack

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