Business Basics Workflow Collection

It's time to peace out on the exhaustive treadmill of 24/7/365 work ... you know, the one where your relationships and self-care finishes in last place.

Swipe the 5-pack collection of workflows I've put to work in my own multiple 6-figure business.

When I started my business, I struggled with making sure I included all the steps, but over the years, I’ve buttoned these up to where I feel pretty systematic about them. I want you to be the very best at stewarding your time as you can be.

Automation workflows for your creative business that have helped ME things run on auto, even when I can’t—the things that allow my business to be productive and keep moving forward.

What's included: 

  • Instant access to the 14-page digital download
  • 5 workflow templates to speed up internal processes in your business, including:
    • My Blogging Workflow, 15 tried-and-true steps that I apply to blogging—ensuring we are putting things in place to garner tens of thousands of views each month on my website
    • My Instagram Workflow, to take the mystery out of how you can batch-produce multiple posts in one sitting
    • My Email Newsletter Workflow, so you can tweak and repeat the system that we use to crank out weekly newsletters
    • My Out-of-Office Workflow, the 9 steps you can tackle before you head out for a long weekend, vacation, or time away from clients and customers
    • My Guest Posting Workflow, so you can grab the steps to pitch, land, and draft content for another website to grow your own business
  • Space to record tweaks and ideas you can implement as you speed up your own systems
  • PLUS, you'll get go-to template skeletons for blog content and your email newsletter!

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