Business Basics Email Template Collection

What if you could elevate your client experience starting with your inbox? 

You can only #emailninja for so long before you're staring at a blinking cursor, trying to find professional words to reply back to a client. Before long, an hour's passed ... you're STILL in your inbox ... and well, you're not alone. There's a better way: you see, when it comes to serving your clients—those paying a high-dollar amount to work with you—you need to continue to continue to sell your brand, and provide the best experience of your brand.

Swipe the 20-pack collection of emails I've tried and tested in my own 6-figure business. 

As a marketing professional, I wrote client-facing customer service emails for brands like Delta Air Lines, and now? I've honed our my own business's client communications into a time-saving template batch so I can cull my email time down to the bare-minimum, get back to the work that *actually* pays the bills, and still give my sweet clients an elevated, high-end experience.

What's included:

  • Instant access to the 26-page digital download
  • 20 email templates to personalize and enhance your client experience in less than a minute, giving you a consistent 1-on-1 relationship with your clientele, including:
    • How to respond when a client says you're too expensive ... plus, what to fold in if you still think there's a chance
    • What to say when you're already booked 
    • A "Checking-In" Template when you (still) need a client response
    • The "Whoops! I've made a mistake" Template—yes, I've used it!
    • What to send when a project's not exactly in your wheelhouse
    • The Client Hasn't Paid Yet Template
    • A Smooth-Sticky-Situation Professional Template for when your client's breached the contract terms
    • The Polite No Template, so you have something to send when a project's a fit
    • My Scope Creep Template, when your client asks for something not in the original plan of work
    • The Client Wants to Change the Contract Template, with one version that approves it, and one that firmly-but-sweetly states why you'd prefer not to
    • My 3-Day File Reminder Template that I send in HoneyBook
    • The Welcome Packet Email Template I send to all new Ashlyn Writes clients
    • .... and the Goodbye Packet Email Template I send to our clients, ensuring we button up the process with a smile 
    • My Basic Pitch Email, honed after pitching and landing clients in USA Today, Bon Appetit, Green Wedding Shoes, and more
    • The Cold Email Template to send your latest blog post to influencers or those you've mentioned in the post (you get that re-tweet, girl!)
    • The Basic Inquiry Response, so you can coach the conversion after someone's first interested in working with you 
    • The Basic Proposal Template for you to use as you send a proposal ... plus, the word I'll tell you NOT to use
    • My Testimonial Ask Email ... because, y'know ... you'd really appreciate that review, but don't want to sound desperate!
    • The "I'm Going Out of Town" Email, so you can professionally let your clients know that you'll be off the grid—but they're still top of mind.

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