The Stewardship Series: A Christ-Centered Guide to Planning Your Wedding Registry

For some reason, one of the things I was most nervous about was our wedding registry.

I was having a really, really hard time coming to terms with people wanting to give us things, and I struggled with how to reconcile that with my deep-desire to plan a wedding that pointed to the gospel of Jesus—can you relate, sweet bride-to-be?

After a lot of prayer and a few good books, the Lord worked in my heart to shift my eyes to seeing how I may be able to steward the generosity of others, instead of rolling my eyes that we didn't "need anything."

This guide is my heart on registries, because should there be a time and place for one during your wedding planning, I want you to have the same resources I had access to, so you can also see how maybe it's a precious opportunity to love others well.



  • Instant access to the 12-page digital download
  • 4 steps to planning your registry with intention as a Christ-follower
  • The exact list of things Wes & I registered for (and the "trick" we used to make the most of gift cards to furnish our first home)
  • Suggested website copy for your wedding website's registry page, so you can gracefully show gratitude to those looking to purchase a gift from your registry

I firmly believe that the learnings will have impact on your wedding day—so much that I want to make this a risk-free decision for you. All of our shop items come with a 7-day, no questions asked 100% money-back integrity policy.

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