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The Stewardship Series: Ordering Your Goals & Plans


Do you have an orderly way to plot both personal and business goals? 

Do you even set goals? After experiencing Pastor David Platt's Disciple Making Plan (basically a list of yearly spiritual goal prompts), I saw the value in goals. But my first experience actually writing and setting goals? It was awful: that list taped to the back of my door and its unchecked boxes haunted me.

Now, I use a methodical system of to set grace-filled goals for both my personal life and my business.

And in this guide, I want to show you exactly what my process is. From the steps I take before pulling out my Powersheets, to how I run my business on "90 day years," I'll take you behind the scenes so you can swipe what you'd like for your own life and business.

Whether your goals are making time for your loved ones, hitting whatever you've defined as "enough" in your business, or just deciding to take piano lessons again at some point (on my list!) goals CAN be grace-filled, and I want to tangibly hand over a guide to break down your personal and business goals into stewardship over God's precious gifts of strategic thinking and time.


WHAT You Get:

  • Instant access to the 22-page digital download
  • The exact list of 56 questions I ask myself at the end of every quarter in my business, to see where I need to focus the next quarter
  • A guide to how I use my Powersheets, a tool by Lara Casey and Cultivate What Matters
  • Behind the scenes of what running a 90 day year system in a creative small business looks like
  • A link to the Trello board I use for "maybe one day" goals
  • How to make space for seasonal fun lists
  • And more!


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