The Sales & Launch Email Sequence Template

Get access to a funnel structure that's been the scaffolding for launches I've written for Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, and more. 

As a launch copywriter, my team and I pretty much tell potential clients NOT to spend any money custom copywriting, email copywriting, and launch strategy services until you're tested an offer and test-drove your launch.

And now?

You can put that launch with copy confidence.

Now, you’re gonna have to put your personality in it, ok? Otherwise, it won't work.

And no, having great launch sequence copy isn’t a cure-all—if your offer stinks and no one wants it, good copy can’t fix that. :) BUT, your launch copy is the vehicle that moves the entire launch along.

But if you promise me that, I'll show you the psychology behind an email sales sequence that you can write for YOUR specific reader: no one knows your offer, your story, your brand, your process, or your audience like you.


As you may have discovered templates are a go-to for DIYing your own copy for your business. I make templates out of anything I write more than once, and even lean on them to start projects, campaigns, and entire email sequences. I wrote client-facing email marketing for brands like Delta Air Lines as a marketing professional, and now? It's my joy to write for top-tier creatives with the same copy hacks.


  • Instant access to the 29-page digital download
  • Prompts to squeeze out our personality snippets—even if you feel like you're at the end of your toothpaste tube of brand persona-ness, I've tried to throw in some voice-y prompts so you can take 'em and run
  • 12-Part Persuasion-Trigger Filled Email Template Sequence to personalize and enhance— you can add and subtract from these, but here are the bones my team and I include when drafting client sales funnels, including emails like:
    • 3 education-driven emails to serve during your pre-launch campaign ... so right away, you can confirm that your readers are gonna be picking up what you're putting down
    • The 3-Part Hype Piece Onboarding Campaign so you can push people to show up to your hype piece (webinar, challenge, live launch party—WHATEVER vehicle you're using to explain what's launched)
    • Social Proof Template—a must for any sales funnel ... leave this one out and you're in trouble!
    • The Standard FAQ Email, to make sure you're greasing the slide and answering objections
    • The Surveyor Template—so we can start priming your email readers to have a conversation with y-o-u!
    • 3 Cart Close email templates to round out the campaign (and yes, I recommend sending 3!)

These templates will help you get a good beta round test out before you bring in the big guns of a true copywriter to inch up your conversion rates. You’ve got this!

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