The Poetic Device Template Checklist

Many creatives (and content creators in general) are tradesmen first, copywriters second: your authority and expertise likely lies in something other than syntax.

And that’s ok.


Literary and poetic devices are a GREAT way to add style to your blogs and copywriting …

.. because if you’ve got style, you’ll stand out in a content-filled world.

Here are 20 poetic devices for copywriting you can turn around and use in your creative business blog, newsletter copy, Instagram captions, and more!

From juicy Instagram posts that drip with language to something, they can all have little bits of poetic devices tossed in like sea salt.

What You Get:

  • Why you should give literary devices a whirl in your copy
  • 8 ways poetic device can help your copy
  • 20 devices (and their examples) for you to implement today

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