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Sabbatical Starter Guide


I learned the very, very hard way that my body will run into a brick wall if I overwork, even if I could work all day and night because it’s so fun sometimes.

In this guide, you'll see how before heading out on my annual sabbatical, there are a few things to put in place, a few resources I like to listen to or read, and questions I like to ask myself.

Sabbatical to me means resting in the finished work of Christ, and re-centering on working for the joy and delight of the One who gave me the gifts to do this. I teach my students inside my The Art of Efficiency™ program how to take a sabbatical, but here, you can swipe up the very tools and resources I use to get my mind sabbatical-ready before extended leave from work.

What's included:

  • Instant access to the 6-page digital download
  • 12 writing prompts and questions to ask yourself before you step away from work for extended leave, so you can process and get the most out of your time away
  • A list of book resources to dig into over the years—don't read all at once! Just tackle bit by bit over your years of taking sabbatical!
  • 4 things I do before every sabbatical—sure, your "workflow" is referenced here, but I dig more into the mindset shifts you need to make before leaving the office