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Business Stats Tracker Template & Guide


Start seeing what's worth spending time on in your business ... and what's not.

After seeing how a few other entrepreneurs kept track of stats, and remembering how I'd tracked projects for clients back in agency days, I created my own template to corral things for myself.

Your ability to tackle pockets of focused work, get straight on what out of #allthethings actually needs to be done, relish whitespace time to be creative and actually think, tee up a helper or two to take the stuff off your plate, and even start taking breaks & vacays from your creative job like NORMALLY would be allowed if you worked for anyone else …

 … that’s all a result of your day-to-day efficiency.

What gets tracked gets measured. 

That's what you'll start to measure with this guide.

What's included:

  • Instant access to the 15-page digital download
  • The AW Business Stats Tracker in Google Sheets AND Excel format—this milestone tracker spreadsheet suite is the VERY same tracker my team and I use to measure stats in my business over time.
  • A printable workbook version of the AW Business Stats Tracker, in case you're more into analog/pen-and-paper style (hey, I get it!) and less into spreadsheets!
  • See how I measure social media, basic income planning, clients, and more.
  • An 11-min. video how-to so you can see how to use this digital tool to look at all of your biz-building efforts at a glance.