The Client Welcome Magazine Prep School

You've secured a client. Go you! But ... you've still got some marketing to do.

While legally your project is locked and loaded, it’s still your responsibility to coach clients through your process and give them the courtesy of an integrity-filled experience.

The copy and content inside your welcome magazine matters immensely.

When you treasure your clients and feel really proud of the hours you pour into them, it’s important to make them feel acknowledged and get them excited, introduce your workflow, and politely set boundaries—all while giving them a branded experience.

Grab my Welcome magazine copy and learn how to write your own in this Prep School Workshop.

Think of your welcome packet as another way to surprise and delight your people.

What You Get:

  • Instant lifetime access to the workshop's curriculum
  • A 20-minute video training walking you through the behind-the-scenes of the psychology of welcome packet copy—as well as my own magazine
  • A beautiful, 12-page download workbook with room to brainstorm all of your ideas for each step-by-step section
  • What NOT to include, plus 13 tried-and-true resources I'd recommend you use when creating your own magazine.
  • Copy snippet examples for the important pages, so you can grab done-for-you words to load in


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