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Stationer & Calligrapher Email Template Collection


Okay, stationers and calligraphers. Let's talk.

From our process to our pricing, we tend to have more i's to dot and t's to cross (literally) than the average creative—A7, A5, paper thickness, and "who" or "whom" oh my. When I went full-time with my wedding calligraphy business, I couldn't find any client experience email templates suited for our industry ... everything was for photographers!

So, after 5 years as a professional calligrapher, 2 Modern Calligraphy Summits, 1 Modern Calligraphy Bootcamp Course, multiple Design House Prep School courses, and even serving Laura Hooper Calligraphy as a website and email sequence copywriting client, I polished my process ... and my templates.


As a marketing professional, I wrote client-facing customer service emails for brands like Delta Air Lines, and now? I've honed our my own business's client process communications into a time-saving template batch so I can cull my email time down to the bare-minimum, get back to the work that *actually* pays the bills, and still give my sweet clients an elevated, high-end experience.


WHAT You Get:

  • Instant access to the 24-page digital download
  • 11 email templates and 1 client questionnaire to personalize and enhance your client experience in less than a minute, giving you a consistent 1-on-1 relationship with your clientele, including:
    • My Post-Free Consult Call Email Template, so I have a ready-set way to send over a quote for paper count and printing process
    • The Proposal Template, so you can send off your proposals in style—and know which word you should NEVER use in a proposal
    • The Welcome Packet Email Template I send to all new Ashlyn Writes brides, and how I direct them to the next step of the process
    • Post-Design Meeting Email Templates ... so after we first coffee chit-chat, I can confirm what I need to go design
    • A First Round of Design Proofs Template when I'm ready to have them take a peek at these-are-pretty-much-what-you-asked-for drafts
    • The Final Proof for Signature to Print Template—so you can get that legal sign-off, and sweetly remind them that this is a final proof! 
    • What to send when you need that name list for calligraphy or printing, and my exact process to get names in the format that I need them in (no spreadsheets here!)
    • The Calligraphy Envelope Addressing Proof Template, so I can confirm stylistically we're on the right track
    • An Envelopes Sent, Need Your Corrections Template including my suggestions for how we get edits back quickly
    • The Final Corrections are in the Mail Template, so you can remind your clients that you're not responsible for USPS's mistakes, but use our secret tip to encourage them to stop clients from giving you round after round of edits before they start!
    • The Goodbye Packet Template we send to clients to button up our process with a nice, neatly tied bow ... and encourage them to leave us some kind words as a testimonial!
    • Our Client Questionnaire—yup, the very one that we send to every single bride we onboard to kick-off her high-end experience!