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  • "Email can be so hard at times—and when you're in a rush, those words are even harder to get written out. The AW Shop Business Basics Email Template Collection makes the process so much easier! Now, my templates are set up and customized to my brand voice. Instead of a frazzled hot mess I'm a lot more confident in the emails I send!"

    - Vanessa Shepherd

  • "This template is a treasure. I knew that I wanted to balance personality and professionalism in my updated bio, but I kept spinning my wheels trying to decide what to include and what to leave out. Ashlyn’s guideposts offer the perfect combination of structure and freedom, helping you to quickly craft a bio that is both informative and meaningful."

    - Gina Morgano

  • "As a new business owner, so many things are calling for my attention. The passion is there, but where to focus all of the energy and not end the day completely exhausted? I bought The AW Shop guide just a week ago and I feel like it's helped me get more done because it contains tangible, exemplified ideas; it feels so much better to have a clearer vision of my days and start working, as Ashlyn says, "from a place of rest." It gave me guidance and grace to start working in my business in a sustainable way and still LIVE."

    - Erin O'Dwyer

  • "It's been so nice to copy and paste the common emails I write out regularly and actually need. Thanks to The AW Shop template, I've increased response time and am able to focus on the real work. There were even some on there, I didn't think about and have been writing them over and over reinventing the wheel."

    - Michelle Castillo

  • "I’ve been writing poetry forever, but to have a way to convert it to sales copy puts one of my talents to full use and helps to hone another side of it. Ashlyn yet again delivers a way to stretch your writing and help you speak directly to your tribe."

    Erica Cote

  • "These email templates have not only saved me precious time, but they are super easy to customize. I run a copywriting service for natural beauty brands and retailers, and these helped to streamline my process. Thank you, Ashlyn!"

    - Liz Thompson

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